Enviornmental & Contamination Studies

BFA provides a complete range of contamination assessment services related to the requirements of local, state and federal regulations. These services include the preparation of work plans, performance of field investigations, and preparation of reports describing the findings of the assessments. Some of the contamination services offered by BFA are:

  • Landfill Design and Management
  • Effluent disposal site permitting
  • Environmental Compliance and Permitting
  • Environmental Property Assessments (Audits), Phase I, II and III
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure and Contamination Assessment
  • Contaminate Recovery and Remedial System Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring Network Design
  • Sampling and Water Quality Analysis
  • Soil Gas Monitoring for UST’s and Landfills
  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (CERCLA Superfund)
  • Environmental Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Chemical Release Air Dispersion Modeling



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