Patrick A. Barnes P.G.


Mr. Barnes is founder, President and CEO of Barnes, Ferland and Associates, Inc. (aka BFA Environmental). He is responsible for the overall management of business operations and strategic planning, client liaison and market development.  BFA is a multidiscipline civil/environmental engineering, land surveying and scientific consulting firm. He also manages the water resource and environmental needs for several of BFA’s clients.  He has designed and conducted numerous large-scale water resource evaluations, managed several numerical and analytical groundwater flow analyses for contamination and water supply projects.  He has also designed and performed hydrogeological investigations for many municipal and hazardous waste landfills.  Mr. Barnes has functioned as the minority business utilization coordinator for several multi-million dollar municipal engineering and construction projects.  Mr. Barnes works extensively in the minority community and in 2006 founded non-profit organization dedicated to training at-risk inner city youth as environmental filed technicians.  That organization, “Limitless Vistas, Inc. (LVI)” Working through grants from the EPA, DOE, DOL, NPS, Corps Network, Oxfam America, City of New Orleans, and BFA, has trained over 400 youth as field technicians.  Mr. Barnes is a 2013 recipient of the “White House Champion of Change” award for his effort to provide job training to at-risk populations.  He serves as LVI’s Chairman of the board and senior advisor.


Willie E. Thomas, P.E.

Vice President

Mr. Thomas is a civil engineer with 19 years of experience of providing planning, design, construction management, and engineering services for wastewater, potable water, water resources, and reclaimed water projects. He has been involved in various phases of master plan development and also has experience evaluating and designing wastewater, potable water, and reuse water conveyance systems using various hydraulic modeling platforms such as H2OMap and Watercad, and integration with GIS Mapping.

John D. Watson, P.H

Vice President

Mr. Watson is a hydrogeologist with 32 years experience in groundwater and surface water resource management. His professional background in the regulatory agency and consulting arenas has provided him with significant experience in the preparation of water resource management master plans for all aspects of water use permitting, wellfield expansion and refurbishment.

Geoff Hennessy, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Hennessy is a Senior Project Manager. He directs the planning, design and permitting of municipal water, wastewater and reclaimed water transmission and distribution systems, as well as wastewater collection systems (including pumping stations). He has participated in the design of more than 140 miles of municipal pipeline projects in Florida. His formal education is enhanced by more than eight years of hands-on experience constructing major pipeline and irrigation systems. Mr. Hennessy's career began as a mechanical engineering tradesman in Australia, where he was responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of mechanical systems, and hydraulic and pneumatic piping and control systems to accommodate various industrial applications in a large steel mill. After moving to the United States, he utilized his piping knowledge as a supervisor of large-scale commercial irrigation installations in California and Florida. As Senior Project Manager, Mr. Hennessy oversees and coordinates the efforts of staff members and subconsultants involved in his discipline's projects and ensures that project budgets, objectives and schedules are met.

Jeremy P. Jardell, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Jardell is a Senior Project Manager with Barnes, Ferland and Associates, Inc. He has experience in planning, design, permitting, and construction administration for wastewater and water distribution/transmission mains, pump stations, stormwater conveyance and treatment facilities, site development, preparation of drainage studies, pond siting reports, regulatory permitting, and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

Cynthia Malone, P.E.

Project Manager

Ms. Malone is a project manager. She specializes in the planning, design and permitting of municipal and private water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems construction plans and specifications with a primary emphasis on pipeline projects throughout Florida. Her assignments include completing field visits to existing facilities and sites; retrieving existing facility, socioeconomic, and demographic documentation; data analysis and computer modeling of systems and preparation of detailed engineering reports and system designs. Ms. Malone also is experienced with facility and community-wide utility system master plans, regulatory agency permit applications, and facility operations and maintenance manuals and is responsible for coordinating with clients and monitoring project budgets, schedules and deliverables.

Richard Burgan

Senior Designer

Mr. Burgan is a Senior Designer. He provides planning, design and permitting of municipal water, wastewater and reclaimed water transmission and distribution systems, as well as wastewater collection systems (including pumping stations). He has participated in the design of several entirely new wastewater treatment facilities and many more expansions and up-grades for municipal utilities in the Central Florida area. Over a period of 32 years, he has been involved with design of more than 60 municipal wastewater pumping stations and pipeline projects up to 54-inch in diameter in Florida. Mr. Burgan has been involved with many water treatment, storage, disinfection and pumping facilities as well. Mr. Burgan has been involved in all phases of engineering including planning, design, production of plans, specification coordination and writing, permitting, cost estimating, bidding assistance, bidding evaluation and all construction phase services.

Benjamin Stormont, P.G.

Professional Geologist

Mr. Stormont is a Professional Geologist with more than 11 years of experience working on well construction and contamination projects. Areas of specialization include Ground-Water Exploration and Development; Water Well Design, Bidding and Construction Management; Aquifer Testing and Analysis; Wetland Hydrology and Impact Evaluation and Ground-Water Quality and Contamination Assessment.

John Willis, P.G.

Senior Environmental Geologist

Mr. Willis is thoroughly knowledgeable in all federal environmental regulations applying to soils, surface waters, and groundwater.  Mr. Willis is highly experienced in the design and commission of Contamination Assessments and environmental site assessment.  Mr. Willis is expert in the use of environmental investigatory tools including Insitu electronic water level sonds, Gas-Chromatographs (GC), Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers, UV-VIS and IR Spectrometers, titration equipment, Organic Vapor analyzers (FID, PID), water quality instrumentation, geophysical tools as well as drilling and coring equipment (powered augers, hand augers, Geoprobes, Vibracores, Piston corers, Poteet Ponar box corers, deep sea dredges, special purpose samplers, etc.).

William Miller, PLS

Senior Surveyor

Mr. Miller’s  45 years of surveying experience has included most survey related issues and tasks, including 15 years as part of a field crew. Since 2002 Mr. Miller has served as survey office manager and is responsible for BFA’s Surveying and Mapping as well as the subsurface utility exploration (SUE) services division.  Mr. Miller’s duties include project management from the initial client contact and inception through fee and man hour estimation and scope negotiations, proposals, supervision of field and office staff, client contact and delivery of record surveys. Mr. Miller’s exceptional skills at project budget management and on time delivery of completed work provides a client with reliable and accurate information. William has been surveyor of record for Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys for design projects, photogrammetric support, construction staking, As-Built Surveys, Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys, Legal Descriptions and Specific Purpose Surveys. SUE services have become a part of the survey operations in recent years.  Mr. Miller manages SUE crews for designation and location of underground utilities for inclusion as part of a design survey and clearance excavations for the placement of traffic signal poles and roadway signs.

Erik Range

Community Engagement Director

Erik Range received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of Central Florida where he is currently working to complete a Master’s of Arts in Political Science. Erik has an extensive background working in higher educational and with education programs that serve underprivileged youth and young adults. He previously served as the Assistant Director of the Upward Bound program at the University of Miami and later assisted in the implementation of a newly funded Upward Bound program at the University of Central Florida. While at UCF, Erik coordinated two other retention programs, the Seizing Opportunity for Achievement and Retention (SOAR) program and the Brother to Brother (B2B) program which both served 1st generation, low income, and multicultural students.

In 2013, Mr. Range joined the team at Barnes, Ferland and Associates as the Director of Community Engagement. In this role, Erik is responsible for connecting environmental and construction related activities in Central Florida with key stakeholders in the affected communities. In March of 2014, under Mr. Range’s leadership and direction, BFA rolled out a new short-term job training program in partnership with Career Source Central Florida.


Roger Simon

Senior Hydrogeologist/ OSHA Trainer

Mr. Simon is a highly qualified geologist with 35 years of experience in coordinating environmental and hazardous waste management activities and working on a variety of environmental projects involving environmental risk and impact assessment, wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, and natural resources evaluation.  Mr. Simon has also been responsible for drafting environmental program policies, standards, codes and regulations.  He has a great deal of experience at public information meetings, public and adjudicatory hearings.  He also has been responsible for technical review and preparation of environmental permits.

Erin Giblin-Nash, P.E

Environmental Engineer

Ms. Giblin-Nash is an environmental engineer with thirteen years of experience of providing planning; design, permitting assistance and engineering services for wastewater, potable water, water resources, and reclaimed water projects. She has been involved in various phases of master plan development for several projects. Ms. Giblin-Nash also has experience evaluating and designing wastewater, potable water, and reuse water conveyance systems using various hydraulic modeling platforms and graphical information systems such as H2ONet, Cybernet/Watercad and ArcGIS.


Joel Kimrey, P.G.

Senior Hydrogeologist

Mr. Kimrey is highly qualified in the field of hydrogeology with special expertise in regional assessment of aquifer characteristics and groundwater resources; evaluation, development, and management of groundwater supplies; artificial recharge  of groundwater; limestone and mining hydrology; and ground/surface water relations.  He is qualified to serve as an expert witness in the fields of hydrogeology and hydrology.


Claudia Manriquez, P.E

Project Engineer/Scientist

Ms. Manriquez has over fifteen years of experience in water resources and environmental engineering with special expertise in environmental hydrology and hydraulics.  Her experience includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, engineering services for water and wastewater projects, environmental assessments, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), water quality analyses, stormwater master plans development, and flow, velocity and stage measurements in the field and laboratory.  Over her career, she has performed statistical analyses, including trend analyses of groundwater quality parameters and uncertainty analyses of flow computations.  She has also developed hydrographs, exceedance curves, and rating equations for index-velocity sites, hydraulic and gravity controlled structures and natural systems.


Damian Allen

Senior Field Technician

Damian Allen is a Field Technician with eight years’ experience which includes data collection, processing, instrumentation installation


Katie Ballew

Project Scientist

Ms. Ballew has seven years’ experience in environmental science specializing in watershed analysis, water quality, and wetland ecology. This experience includes soil and water sample collection and data analysis, environmental/biological assessments, disturbance impact analysis, nutrient loading evaluation, wetland and watershed delineation, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), and ground water monitoring.