Services Provided

Natural Resource Evaluation and Management Surveying and Mapping Subsurface Utility Engineering Groundwater Quality / Contamination Studies Debris Removal Management and Monitoring

Business Certifications & Licenses

CERTIFICATION Type Expiration Date
State of Florida MWBE April 19, 2019
FDOT DBE November 16, 2017
FDOT Pre-Qualification April 5, 2018
Orange County MBE July 2018
Hillsborough County DM/DWBE July 12, 2018
Osceola County MWDBE April 19, 2019
City of Tampa WMBE July 31, 2018
South Florida Water Management District SBE February 15, 2019
City of Orlando MBE September 30, 2018
Central Florida Expressway SSBE February 14, 2018
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority LDB & MWBE January 19, 2019
Palm Beach County CCNA Consultant No. 909
City of West Palm Beach CCNA May 15, 2019
Miami Dade Pre-Qualification Technical Certificate July 31, 2018
Miami Dade Affirmative Action Plan Continuous
Miami Dade Technical Certification July 31, 2019
Miami Dade SBE April 30, 2019
Louisiana Dept of Transportation & Development DBE July 31, 2018
City of New Orleans SLDBE November 21, 2017
North Carolina Dept. of Administration HUB July 9, 2019

Business and Professional Regulations Registrations

Business and Professional Regulations Registrations
Geology Business License N. GB211 Expiration Date: 7/31/16

Board of Professional Engineers

Professional Engineers
Engineer Business CA License No. 6899
Willie E. Thomas PE License No. 57612
Geoffrey J. Hennessy PE License No. 58637
Jeremy P. Jardell PE License No. 77581
Cynthia K. Malone PE License No. 58685
Erin J. Giblin PE License No. 66465
Claudia P. Manriquez-Munoz PE License No. 69903

Board of Professional Geologists

Professional Geologists
Patrick A. Barnes PG1211
Benjamin Stormont PG2848
Joel O Kimrey PG1014
John W. Willis PG1770

Professional Surveyor and Mapper

Professional Surveyor and Mapper Business License
Barnes, Ferland and Associates, Inc. License No. LB7774

Professional Surveyor and Mapper License
William L. Miller, Jr. License No. LS5010
Business Certifications & Licenses