Nova Road Landfill Closure Design

Nova Road Landfill Closure Design and Biennial Monitoring – City of Ormond Beach, Florida

BFA performed final site closure design and long term monitoring for the City of Ormond Beach’s Nova Road landfill The Monitoring Plan requires to submittal of a Biennial Report to FDEP that compares the results of semi-annual samples taken of the existing twenty-three (23) monitoring wells, and one (1) surface water source.  The purpose of this report is to analyze the data for trends and to evaluate the adequacy of the current monitoring plan based on the results of the previous four (4) years sampling events.

BFA has provided these services for a 20-year period they include compilation and analysis of new and historical data and recommending changes to the existing Monitoring Plan.  A technical report is submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Projection for the landfill closure compliance.  Included in the report were:

  • Tabular and graphical displays of data which showed that a monitoring parameter was detected, including hydrographs for all monitor wells;
  • Trend analysis of any monitoring parameters detected;
  • Comparisons among shallow, middle and deep zone wells;
  • Comparison between upgradient and down-gradient wells;
  • Correlation between related parameters such as total dissolved solids and specific conductance;
  • Discussion of erratic and/or poorly correlated data;
  • An interpretation of the ground water contour maps, including an evaluation of ground water flow rates;
  • An evaluation of the adequacy of the water quality monitoring frequency and sampling locations based upon site conditions.

The report was signed and sealed by a professional geologist pursuant to Florida Statues (F.S.) Chapters 471 and 492.