Long Term Environmental Monitoring and O&M Services

Naval Aviation Facilities Command  NAVFAC Southeast, Jacksonville, FL

Long Term Monitoring and O&M Services Former Naval Training Center, Orlando, Florida

 BFA is performing long term monitoring and O&M services at the former Naval Training Facility in Orlando, Florida.  BFA is sampling 658 groundwater monitoring wells per year at 10 sites for a complex list of analytes.  The sampling utilizes advanced near real time electronic capture and reporting of data in the field.  There are also requirements for detailed field analytical work. BFA also provides water level gauging on several hundred wells annually.  BFA staff members prepare all field reports and Work Plans, including Filed Sampling, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety plans, annual reports and assist with fact sheets for public dissemination. There are also Electronic Data Exchange requirements for all of these sites.   BFA performed these services for a five-year period.