Ormond Beach – Engineering & Hydrogeological Services

Continuing Engineering & Hydrogeological Services – City of Ormond Beach, Florida

Barnes, Ferland and Associates has been providing environmental engineering and hydrogeological services to the City of Ormond Beach since 1994.  BFA has been a partner with the City in helping to permit, develop and manage the City’s water resources.  Over the years we have provided a wide range of services and projects including:

  • Contamination Assessment Plans and Reports for Four Fueling Facilities and the Nova Road Landfill
  • Division Avenue Wellfield Well Relocation & Rehabilitation
  • Vulnerability Analysis & RMP/PSM Audit
  • Water Supply System Evaluation and Hydraulic Analysis of the Raw Water Transmission
  • 20-year CUP Renewal including groundwater flow modeling, wetlands impact assessment and well evaluations and replacement
  • Hudson and Rima Ridge Wellfield Wetlands Monitoring Program
  • Breakaway Trails Stormwater Supply Irrigation System
  • Tomoka Oaks Golf Course Reclaimed Water Extension / Irrigation Storage and Percolation Ponds
  • Environmental Assessment, closure & replacement of 3 UST’s
  • Effluent Groundwater Monitoring
  • Nova Road Landfill Biennial Monitoring Report
  • Implementation  of New Wetland Monitoring Requirements
  • Rima Ridge Easement Assistance
  • Rima Ridge Wetlands Monitoring Well Replacement
  • Petroleum Cleanup Site Closure Assistance – Sunrise Aviation
  • Petroleum Cleanup Site Closure Assistance – Public Safety and Public Works
  • Installation of Monitoring Wells for Nova Road Landfill Arsenic Monitoring Program
  • Sampling & Reporting for Nova Road Landfill Arsenic Monitoring Program
  • Hydraulic Oil Contamination Assessment
  • Public Works Site – Hydraulic Spill Contamination Assess. & Remediation – Additional Work.